Guys Let’s Talk! Would You Allow Your Newly Admitted Girlfriend To Have A School Father In School?

We have literally found ourselves nowadays, In the society of nowadays where many unthinkable things happen.

School “fatherism” is a very common thing amongst the institutions near us, especially among the new students.

The aim of having a school father is to put young ladies through her educational pursuit, guidance, and monitoring so as not to go in the wrong direction while in school.

Unfortunately, the story is changed nowadays, many guys have used the school father idea to capture young girls in becoming their sex mate, which is absolutely the most common thing in the institutions.

Many guys have successfully set the trap of being a school-father to have sex with young ladies and when you hear school father and daughter, just know there are many things behind the scene😂.

With that being said, as a lover of a young girl that just got admitted into higher institution. the question still remains thus: 👇

Would You Allow Your Newly Admitted Girl To Have A School Father?

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