The Numbers Of Bras & Panties Thrown At Me At Events Are Uncountable – Ric Hassani

R&B/alternative artiste, Ric Hassani recently grantedPunch’s Sunday Scoopan interview where he revealed so many things about his music, the style, his upcoming album and his encounter with different female fans while going about his craft.

The singer revealed in the interview that in his forthcoming album, he is looking to switch from doing love songs to doing music that relates with the general angle of human life as well as making plans to create a crowd that will listen to his songs rather than try to focus crowd that are already engrossed in other kinds of music.

He said; I am going to be telling a lot of stories. My first album had a lot of love songs but soon, I will be telling general human angle stories. These days, Nigerians listen to almost every kind of music, but some people don’t want to believe that. Just make your music and find your crowd.

“But some artistes keep going after crowds that are already taken. I love making music and that is what drives me.”

Ric Hassani also revealed to Sunday Scoopthere are a lot of amusing things he’s come across while doing music. He reveals he cannot count the number of times female fans have had their pants and bras removed and being throw at him.

He said; There have been so many that I cannot say them here. Females are crazy and they are also a blessing to the world. So many times, they throw panties and brassieres to me and I’ve even lost count, especially outside Nigeria. I have also signed on boobs.”

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